1. Do you offer natural stone fireplaces

Yes, we only use natural Bath stone or Portland stone. We do not use any imported, cast or reconstituted stone.

2. Are your fireplaces hand-made? 

Yes, our fireplaces are hand-carved by experienced stone masons with up to 40 years experience.

3. Can I choose a fireplace design outside your own product range? 

Yes, we offer a bespoke service and can re-create designs from your own picture, drawing or photograph.

4. How long does it take for the fireplaces to be made and delivered? 

Delivery is usually between 6-8 weeks. Our masons can only begin work once full approval and deposit have been received.

5. Will you install the fireplace? 

Yes we offer a full installation service within approximately 3 hours from Bath, Somerset. Alternatively a builder or competent DIY person can install your fireplace. We can deliver your fireplace by pallet, along with full installation instructions.

6. How long will installation take? 

Installation takes up to 5 hours depending on the complexity of the site.

7. Does the colour of the stone vary?

Each fireplace is carved from a piece of stone direct from the quarry. The stone is completely natural and may contain light veining and shading. The veins and

shells make it unique and gives the stone huge amounts of character and warmth.

8. Will the stone have a uniform or natural, organic look and feel? 

Stone is a natural material so the shade and tone may vary from the fireplaces illustrated. Light veining or shading is a natural characteristic of solid stone and adds to its warmth, charm and individuality.

9. How long does it take the fireplace to completely dry out after installation? 

We wash the fireplace down after installation to remove any dust or dirt on the stone. The stone darkens in colour when wet but lightens once the stone has dried out. It can take up to 2 weeks for the stone to completely dry out.

10. Will the fireplace be easy to clean? 

Natural stone is easy to clean. Most spills can usually be removed with soapy water and a hard brush or sponge.

11. Suitability? 

We have fireplaces designed to suit almost all interiors whether you have a traditional or contemporary home. The natural stone fireplace surround can be used with traditional open