Yorkstone Paving

Natural Yorkstone Paving

is famously quarried in Yorkshire and is renowned for its high quality and durability. The reputation of natural Yorkstone paving flags is on par with reclaimed Yorkstone paving. The Yorkstone is made using traditional methods, our stone masons split each stone by hand into paving slabs.

Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving

is one of the finest paving material available. Reclaimed paving is typically Yorkstone paving that was cut by hand over a hundred years ago. Much of the reclaimed paving available is sourced from streets and old buildings from around the north of England.  With years of exposure to the environment and Victorian footfall each paving stone has been worn smooth and has a unique character that cannot be replicated.

Reclaimed Cathedral Yorkstone paving

As the name suggests, Reclaimed Cathedral Yorkstone paving has all the characteristics of age worn Yorkstone slabs typically found in the ancient cathedrals of England. Made from genuine Yorkstone each Cathedral Yorkstone paving stone has a beautifully honed face with a hand finished natural edge.

Grey Sawn Yorkstone

has characteristic pale Grey tones which provides a consistent high quality finish.  Sawn Yorkstone paving is precision cut to specific sizes which allows the stone to be laid with ease inside an out.  Examples of the versatility of Grey sawn Yorkstone can be seen at the Order of St John Museum in London where the contemporary look of the stone paving marries up with the ancient construction of the museum.

Bronte Hard Yorkstone Paving

The Bronte Hard Yorkstone Paving we supply is made from high quality natural sandstone from our quarry in Yorkshire. Sawn Yorkstone has a characteristic finish that provides a consistently high quality finish.  Sawn Yorkstone paving is cut six sides to specific sizes, this allows the stone to be laid with ease for internal and external projects. Typically sawn Yorkstone paving is laid in a coursed layout.

Buff Cathedral Yorkstone Paving

Made from genuine British Yorkstone the buff coloured Cathedral Yorkstone paving we supply is characterised by its smooth worn finish, subtle natural edges and random rectangular form. Cathedral Yorkstone paving is ideal for creating a traditional paving design that is characteristic of the worn paving stones found in ancient buildings throughout the country.