Bath stone fireplace for a Hampshire Country House Renovation

Pinckney Green Frieplaces were asked to work with a team of Architects and Builders who were carrying out the complete renovation of a large country house.

The project included three new hand carved Bath stone fireplaces and reinstalling two original fireplaces.  The new fireplaces were required for the Drawing Room, Dinning Room and Study.  These were large rooms so making sure the fireplaces were the correct proportions for the room was very important. An interior designer carefully chose the design of the Bath stone fireplace for each room, to ensure it complimented the overall design which was Country House, with elements of Oriental and Contemporary. The above picture shows our Elizabethan fire surround carved from Bath stone.  The versatility of the colour and texture of the Bath Stone lent itself to each interior.  The client also had a number of accessories including forged steel fire baskets and gas fires to complement the fireplaces.

“I’ve seen the three fireplaces and I think they look wonderful! The scale and sizes are perfect and all of the fireplaces look very well made. I look forward to working with you again soon.”